The ceiling false pladur enable the improvement of a space in several ways. Be it in aesthetic terms or in regards to acoustic comfort and thermal insulation. Systems of suspended ceilings are an option increasingly considered by architects. Can be applied in areas as diverse as housing, offices, hospitals, restaurants, concert halls, schools, shopping centers and others.

Ceiling False Pladur

These are characterised by their lightness, ease and speed of execution, diversity of image and materials, as well as by durability and the ability to respond to the needs of each space.

The choice of suspended ceilings pladur comprises essentially two strands:
to your model and its technical specificity.

Types of False Ceiling

The model will be defined both by the design of the ceiling as by the material. There are currently several options available in the market:

Drywall commonly called by “Pladur”
Gypsum board perforated
Sheet metal
Glass fiber or Mineral wool
Plaster and Wooden Particles
In spite of the increasing variety of materials, it is important to have the notion that the design of the ceiling is directly connected to the type of material chosen. For shapes that are more bold you are advised that the ceilings in plasterboard or ceilings of metal, due to its flexibility.

Technical characteristics of the Pladur

The main objective of the installation of false ceiling is the improvement of the space, both in terms of the decor, as the features of sound insulation or thermal insulation, or fire resistance and moisture particularly in the case of rehabilitations. Another of the advantages of the application of this type of ceilings is that it allows to hide technical equipment, such as piping, electricity, air conditioning ducts, among others.

In terms of response to the acoustic demands, ceilings in plasterboard perforated gypsum and particles of wood, mineral fiber and perforated metal are the most advised.On the other hand, ceilings in plaster, still have the advantage, due to its properties water, to act as a regulator of the climate, keeping the degree of moisture in balance.
The thermal comfort is usually obtained by applying a layer of insulation such as mineral wool.


The method of application of the boards, although require the assistance of qualified technicians is simple. The first is mounted on a metal framework that is attached through bars of steel threaded and other accessories, that allow you to adjust the height. Then bolted the plates to the structure. If the roof is in plasterboard, it is advisable to make the bus of the joints between the boards, as well as of the areas of bolting, before you apply the coating. After the drying of the pasta, and/or coat of primary treatment, can be applied to painting or any other type of coating chosen by the customer.


The ceilings in plasterboard waterproofing are specified for installations in areas with damp “sanitary kitchens” are not water resistant, not suitable for outdoor or locations where there is direct contact with water. The plasterboard will absorb water, increasing their weight, which may lead to a fall of the roof, since the structure is not prepared to withstand this increased load.

False ceilings Pladur Price m2

Time time we arrived at the good part? the price for Installation of false ceilings pladur with low-cost prices and with alheita white lacquered’t know what it is . It is the tendency in 2018 in Portugal.

ceiling drywall price per m2

Installation false ceilings in Pladur price m2/ 18,50€
Mounting of false ceilings in Pladur labor price m2 10,50€
Installation false ceiling in Pladur Includes materials and labor price 18,50€
Mounting false ceilings in Pladur with acoustic insulation and thermal price 26,50€
False ceiling in Pladur living room Concealed plasterboard decorated 15,00€ ml
Finishing of the corners / beams / boxes, false ceilings 15,00€ ml
It is only this attention for these prices Minimum charge is 50m2
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Mounting divisorias in pladur more bus 28,00€/m2
Mounting divisorias in pladur with isolation over bus 36,00€/m2
Mounting partitions in pladur with double materials 40,00€/m2
Mounting partitions in pladur with double materials and acoustic isolation and thermal 48,00€/m2
Cover walls in pladur with omega profile price 18,50€ m2
Is this measurements, which include spans of windows or doors, the minimum Value of the charge 50m2

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