18 closets made with plasterboard (some you can make yourself!)

Closets are fundamental pieces in any contemporary home. These elements are indispensable, as nowadays we accumulate an infinity of personal objects, which we need to have on hand, in increasingly smaller houses. To make matters worse, we must reserve space for other essentials for our daily lives, such as bedding, towels, etc. And what better than a plaster closet made to measure our needs to have all our belongings perfectly organized? Let’s look at some examples in this book of wardrobe ideas:

1. A custom plaster closet

Country-style dressers by Atelie 3 Arquitetura

When we thought about how and where to store all our clothes is when we realized that we need more space than we imagined. That’s when we can realize that a custom-made Work Closet made of laminated plaster can be the ideal solution.

2. Well built closet

Modern Style Bedrooms by Erika Winters® Design

Plasterboard closets ( a material we usually call here by the name of its most famous manufacturer: Pladur ), like partitions made with this type of panel, have a structure made of galvanized steel profiles.

Single-family house in Tomiño, Pontevedra (Spain): Rustic style houses by HUGA ARQUITECTOS

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3. Cabinet shape and configuration

Eclectic style dressers by Студия авторского дизайна ASHE Home

This laminated steel profile structure, formed by vertical elements approximately every 60 cm and by horizontal elements located at the bottom and top of the fixed elements, provides stability to the Closet. But, in addition to placing the metal profiles to ensure the stability of the cabinet, they must be positioned to define the shape and configuration that the cabinet will have.

4. the size

traditional style plaster closet by TRES52 - Furniture

Taking advantage of spaces.

The work cabinets, in this case those made with Pladur, are fixed elements and therefore we must think very carefully about the position that the Closet will have, its size and configuration before lifting the fixed elements that define it.

5. good design

Modern Style Designers by ANNA MAYA & ANDERSON SCHUSSLER

A previous design of the drywall Closet is a proper layout, it will ensure the success of the final result. If we have doubts about any of these previous tasks, it is worth consulting a good specialist or putting yourself in the hands of professionals.

6. Pre-Staking

Organize your clothes with a dressing room: Scandinavian style dressing rooms by TEKNIA ESTUDIO

Organize your clothes with a bandage

The ‘in situ’ rethinking of the design we have in mind or on paper is a key moment. Before starting to build the cabinet, then, we have to check the floor by marking the position of the fixed elements and the dimensions of the doors.

7. The interior space

VILLA "EL PRESIDENTE" INTEGRAL REFORM: Classic rooms by Rudeco Construcciones

Space has to adjust to what we plan to store. If we are not clear, we can choose to divide it equally, leaving a neutral but flexible distribution.

8. Interior fittings

Modern style dorms by Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Depending on the use that the Closet will have, we will have to study the need and distribution of drawers, bars and shelves to, among other things, distribute the weight in a balanced way.

9. Closet Doors

Scandinavian-style dorms by Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Scandinavian lightness

We have to study very carefully the type of doors we are going to install, because they are decisive in a work closet, as is the case of a laminated plaster closet.

10. A custom-made plaster closet

Modern style bedrooms by Licht-Design Skapetze GmbH & Co.  kg

Choosing the power distribution closet, the type of doors or the position of the same with respect to the room or staying where it is located is one of the many advantages that work closets have over classic pieces of furniture.

11. The importance of ports

Scandinavian-style dorms by Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Elfa built-in closet

When talking about the type of doors, we have to think about multiple aspects that intervene in their definition: functional aspects, economic aspects, decorative aspects, etc.

12. Types of doors

Modern style wardrobe by Nogal 04

closet for girls bedroom

Moving on with the doors, we must first think about the type of opening we want the plasterboard closet to have and thus choose between folding, sliding or opening book doors. Each one of them has a specific positioning and has to incorporate the appropriate accessories for fixation.

13. Materials and finishes

HO interior architecture modern style dressers

Once the more functional aspects have been contemplated, we have to think, of course, of the decorative aspects. There are many materials, colors and finishes to choose from for work closet doors.

14. Inside the Closet

modern Scandinavian style wall wardrobe by Elfa Deutschland GmbH

At the same time that we are thinking about the external image of the plasterboard closet, which must be considered in relation to the decorative style of the room in which it is located, we must take into account the interior decoration of the same.

15. Functional closets

Minimalist style dressing room by fabrè

The plaster closet that we designed can become a fundamental piece in the decoration of the room where we are going to build it. Therefore, we always have to have an overview, as well as come up with a design that is both comfortable and functional.

16. Combined wardrobes

Modern style sideboards by Arq.  Jacobo Smeke

In short, as we have to build a plaster closet to our measure, we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to bet on original solutions, such as a combination, semi-open, like the Image closet.

17. Open closets

custom-made wardrobes

modern wardrobes

If the size of the space allows, we can allocate an entire room in the house for storage and design a dressing room. In these cases, completely open perimeter enclosures can be a great solution. Take note of the design of the image and how different elements and materials are combined in it for an impeccable result.

18. Gypsum closet accessories

Modern style wardrobe by Toque De Menta

touch of mint

In addition to a good distribution of the plaster closet, it is advisable to equip its interior with various accessories such as baskets and boxes to make the most of it. With that and with good lighting, it will be very easy to keep everything organized inside the Closet.