Interior Wall Demolition Do you have a secret? How to proceed. Are you thinking about demolition of interior walls  ? give that new face, for your apartment to demolish the interior walls of the apartment that can no longer bear to look at that wall nowadays with this crisis that we are few so buying a new house because the money is a little gone so what has been growing and apartment remodeling and houses. demolition of interior walls price Ask for a quote here at OBRASNET with m2 price adjusted for you.


Price m2 Demolition

Before and after  demolition of the masonry wall of the apartment when hiring this type of workmanship do not be fooled the work appears to be very simple and just price demolition masonry wall no and well yes there are many criteria to be done. The work has to be done quickly because it bothers a lot of people.


Price m2 Demolition Wall Masonry Interior
Photos of before price demolition masonry wall


Interior Wall Demolition
Professional masonry wall demolition price


demolition price square meter
kitchen interior wall demolition
  • The noise
  • the dust
  • The go up and on the stairs there’s a lot of that annoying neighbor, every time the helper finds the rubbish he already comes and wipes his apartment door , only his door is difficult, right, and what else do they have.
  • Debris in the lobby cannot stay overnight unless you apply for a license to use the area but it is not always feasible this would be necessary in the case of a total remodel plus we are talking about walls 1 to 3 work that is done in two days
  • First day turn off the electricity board
  • Turn off water register
  • Have contact with the freight of debris and schedule the day in advance so as not to delay, thus bringing stress to the condominiums

Having bags to bag the rubble, the bag does not make the condominium dirty, thus keeping everything in perfect order.

Debris can be carried on the arm or with elevators and very cheap. I have a maximum support of 600 kg.

So, folks, there are a lot of things that have to be observed, but don’t worry.

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