Do you already know the decorative panels in 3d plaster? It is a new type of material for interior decoration, projecting textures in high relief, giving the idea of ​​a third dimension. Here at ObrasNet we produce 3d plaster panels in Portugal with superior quality materials modified in order to reduce the minimum weight with maximum resistance. An additional advantage of using our products is thermal and acoustic insulation and non-combustibility.


Portugal 3d plaster

3d plaster panels Portugal

Company manufacturer of  Decorative 3D Wall Panels in Portugal Lisbon with the best 3d wall panel m2 price in Portugal delivered to any address of your choice in mainland Portugal.

It’s a new fashion for those who don’t like to paint the walls and want to have a top and sophisticated decoration. With the application of 3D wall panels you will have beautiful walls with little effort and money. The best embossed wall panels.

In this post, we have broken down multiple 3d plaster wall models. In view of the crisis that the plaster industry is experiencing, a new niche emerges in Portugal, the walls decorated with plasterboard. These walls have been pleasing architects and decorators due to their low cost and speed of construction, resulting in beautiful works.

living room wall covering

Where to buy 3d wall cladding

We already have several colleagues earning good money placing 3d plasterboards. Find out where to buy 3d wall coverings . (click here)

3d plaster

We separate an online course in 3d plaster design and layout that you can earn good money doing your own projects. (click here and learn more)

See some models of plaster wall with decorative plates :

Where to buy 3d plaster forms? Fully online course on how to make a 3d plaster panel in Portugal


3d plaster mold portugal


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ObrasNet’s unique production technology makes it possible to obtain unprecedented surface quality with the “porcelain plaster” effect (plaster with a porcelain effect).


Gypsum 3D Wall Panels All of our gypsum 3D wall panels are manufactured from the highest quality gypsum. Most panels are supplied in 50mm x 50mm size. The panels can be installed in tile format or the joints can be filled.

3d plaster panel

3D OBRASNET makes 3d plasterboard panels in portugal’s exclusive 3D wall panels in tile format, allowing for easy installation. Made of high quality plaster these decorative 3D wall panels are simply adhered to the wall with the joints filled in to give a seamless 3D wall. Each textured 3D wall panel is special..


3d Decorative Panels

Decorative Panels,

3D Decorative Panels can  be applied to various types of wall, serving as a background for TV and living rooms, entrance halls, bedrooms, kitchens and other environments, always bringing a feeling of elegance, style and comfort to the space.

3d wall panels

Custom 3d wall panels

When applying Decorative Panels, there is no need to remove the previous coatings, just regularize their leveling.

Custom Wall panels

In addition to giving a new refinement to different environments, the 3d plaster panels  still have the advantage of acoustic absorption and thermal insulation.

3d plaster panels

3D wall coverings

All you have to do is choose the desired style and design, choose the room’s color catalog, always thinking about harmony and whether you want this wall to be the highlight with a darker color or if you prefer a softer color. After all, the highlight can only be due to the shape and texture that the 3d wall panels already have!

3d plaster panels

3D wall coverings

3D wall coverings

Decorative coatings for interior

Decorative coatings for interior

Decorative coatings for interior

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